Stuf’s [ unfold ] collection is inspired by traditional Chinese handscroll, a long narrow scroll used for paintings or calligraphy (it can be very, very long, sometimes up to over 10 meters or 33 foot) . A typical handscroll painting is used to depict a long story or journey with various scenes. To view a scroll, people need to unroll it, from right to left, as they study the arts. Such intimate interactions create subtle connections between viewers and arts.

[ unfold 02 ] crossbody bag is an extension of [ unfold ] that we released a year ago. Similar to the axle of a scroll, a brass bar is inserted at the edge of the bag to facilitate closure. The action of users “unfolding” the object imitates the “unscrolling” process.

[ unfold 02 ] is an elegantly designed bi-fold leather bag that can hold your everyday essentials. With its detachable strap, it can easily turn into a clutch. [ unfold 02 ] is made of top-quality Italian soft leather, and comes in two colors: black and white.