"Pack Your Summer" | 2016.7.16 - 8.31 | Chengdu, China


Summer is the season to travel. Where’s your next destination? What’s on your mind?

“Pack Your Summer” exhibition is inspired by people’s excitement towards packing. Each item you put in your suitcase - a pair of sunglasses, a pair of shoes, or a playlist, reflects your imagination of the coming trip. And Stuf's summer collections are the perfect accessories to pack into your suitcases! 

So, pack your color [ miman ] bags and let the trip start!


The House of Elements                                                   260 Chenghanbei Red                                                 Chengdu, China 



Launch Exhibition | 2016.3.7 - 3.27 | Beijing, China


In March 2016, Stuf host a launch exhibition in an all-white space in Beijing, China. The exhibition, named To You / From Us,  sent a message about who we are and what we do.  

[miman], Stuf's first white collection, created an interesting "white-on-white" interaction with the rest of the space, reinforcing  the studio's aesthetic pursuit for “less“.


61 Guozijian Street                                             DongCheng District                                                 Beijing, China